VIA VT1722 Envy24GT sound drivers for Microsoft Windows 7 64bit  (1 files)

VIA drivers for VT1722 Envy24GT and Windows 7 64bit

VT1722The VIA Vinyl Envy24GT (VT1722) is a versatile 24-bit multi-channel audio controller that enables studio level audio performance. Supporting up to 192kHz sampling rates the VIA Envy24GT has the highest audio recording quality in its class giving home studio musicians 6 outbound and 4 simultaneous inbound streams with all paths passing as 24-bit audio, "as is", unaltered, bit per bit accurate. To maintain a full digital path for PCM or compressed audio formats, the Envy2GT integrates a complete S/PDIF transmitter for connection to digital audio interfaces. For connection to keyboards and sound devices an independent MIDI UART is provided. The VIA EnvyGT also includes a direct access 23-pin GPIO that brings flexibility for multi-purpose connections uses such as the integration of break-out boxes that allow for enhanced connection options.

Version (5.60c)

Status WHQL signed
OS Windows XP (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit), 7 (32/64bit), File  (9567 KB)
Release 2010-07-30 [July '10] Downloaded

Drivers for / Treiber für / Драйверы для / Ovladače pro / Sterowniki do VIA VT1722 Envy24GT

VIA Vinyl Envy24 driver for controllers MT/DT/GT/PT/HT-S.
VIA recommends that you use the driver provided by your motherboard manufacturer or sound card manufacturer whenever possible.
Supported for Windows XP (32/64bit), Windows Server 2003 (64bit), Windows Vista (32/64bit) and Windows 7 (32/64bit).



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